An archive of screenings, performances and exhibitions organised as part of the Transit Arts programme and in collaboration with others.

If you know, you know

Roddy Buchanan, Jasleen Kaur, Lesley Keen, Mandy McIntosh, Lutz Mommartz, Margaret Tait, Alia Syed

18–21 February 2021
Online via Alchemy Film & Arts

The Territorial Sea

Forensic Oceanography, Taus Makhacheva, Francisco Rodríguez

1 December 2018
Document Film Festival


Patrick Hough, Karen Russo

26 October 2018
Mycelia Publication Launch, The Glad Café

Beyond Cataclysm

Michelle Hannah, Jorge Jácome, Matthias Müller, Emily Richardson, Ben Rivers, Jon Schorstein, Fern Silva

20 July 2018
Tyneside Cinema

How to Thrive

James O’Brien, Liz Rosenfeld, Deborah Stratman

27 May 2018
Radical Film Network 1968 Festival, CCA Glasgow


Amie Siegel

24 May 2018
Radical Film Network 1968 Festival, Goethe-Institut Glasgow

Soft Cells

Klaus vom Bruch, Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, Tessa Lynch, Amie Siegel, Fern Silva

15 March 2018
Glasgow Short Film Festival

Uncanny Loop: The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Daria Argento, Emily Richardson

8 September 2017
Scalarama, CCA Glasgow

Uncanny Loop: New Habitats

Morwenna Kearsley, Yuri Pattison, Emily Richardson, Jon Schorstein, Deborah Stratman

27 August 2017
Crossing the Line, Glasgow Film Theatre

Lutz Mommartz: the breath of the sheep and the sea is infinitely beautiful

Lutz Mommartz, Carrie Skinner

26 January 2017
CCA Glasgow

the weight of things

Morwenna Kearsley, Lutz Mommartz, Jenny Okun, Semiconductor, Jonas Staal

3–9 September 2016
Tontine Building


Robin Haig, Nick Hand, Oliver Mezger, Margaret Salmon, Margaret Tait, Scottish Educational Film Association

29–30 April 2016
ATLAS Arts at Skye Live

and everything crooked will become straight

Dorine Aguerre, Miles Joseph, Lucie Rachel, Josie Rae Turnbull, Jane Topping

17–19 March 2016
Glasgow Short Film Festival

The Lens is a Lyric

Chris Bowman, Andy Mackinnon, Jen Martin

10 October 2015
Southside Film Festival

The Economy Experience

Caroline Campbell, Common Culture, Dennis & Debbie Club, Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Will Kendrick

11–18 September 2015
Various locations