the weight of things

Morwenna Kearsley, Lutz Mommartz, Jenny Okun, Semiconductor, Jonas Staal

3–9 September 2016, Monday – Friday 10am–9pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am–4.30pm
Tontine Building

Lutz Mommartz, Fokus, 1986. The Lutz Mommartz Film Archive.

the weight of things is an experimental exhibition of sculptural, video and sound works. A programme of artists’ moving image places sculptural installation by Rodrigo Red Sandoval and sound work by Catherine Street into a state of flux; as films start, end and overlap. Oscillating and uncertain, the objects, images and sounds explore ideas of perception, space, and the blurring boundaries of memory, reality and fiction.

The film programme, produced in collaboration with Marcus Jack, includes works by Lutz Mommartz, Semiconductor, Jonas Staal, Jenny Okun and Morwenna Kearsley.

Curated by Emily Gray
Part of Glasgow School of Art Graduate Degree Show 2016


︎Lutz Mommartz, Fokus, 1986. 16mm transferred to video, 3 min 10 sec.
︎Jenny Okun, Focus II, 1978. 16mm transferred to video, 4 min.
︎Morwenna Kearsley, History in Ruins, 2016. HD video, 2 min 20 sec.
︎Semiconductor, A-Z of Noise, 1999. SD video, 1 min 20 sec.
︎Semiconductor, Inaudible Cities, 2002. SD video, 6 min 42 sec.
︎Jonas Staal, Nosso Lar, Brasília, 2014. HD video, 10 min.