The Lens is a Lyric

Chris Bowman, Andy Mackinnon, Jen Martin

10 October 2015, 2–5pm
Southside Film Festival, Govanhill Baths Community Trust


Andy Mackinnon, TRANSITION, 2000. Courtesy of the artist.

For its second instalment, in partnership with Southside Film Festival 2015, Transit Arts’ roving screen finds itself outside Govanhill Baths, Glasgow’s last remaining Edwardian public bathhouse.

In this episode, films by Jen Martin, Chris Bowman and Andy Mackinnon are collected to reframe the film as a visual poem. At the seat of industrial decline, more space is being made for creative industries; these three films adopt poetic techniques to trace changing rhythms across the self, the city and further afield.

The screening will be accompanied by a double-sided risograph print, including contributions from the artists and an introductory text.


︎Jen Martin, You’re leading me on, 2014. HD video, 3 min 21 sec.
︎Chris Bowman, Everything Revolves, 2015. HD video, 20 min 2 sec.
︎Andy Mackinnon, TRANSITION, 2000. 35mm & Super 8 transferred to digital, 71 min 4 sec.

Photo: Jen Martin