In partnership with ATLAS, the roving screen ventured to Portree, Isle of Skye, and presented a selection of moving image work by Scottish Educational Film Association (SEFA), Nick Hand, Oliver Mezger, Margaret Salmon, Margaret Tait, and Robin Haig.

The Gaelic term Saothair, can be translated as labour, work, or toil; it describes an exertion closely related to the endeavours of the hand: fishing, shucking, waulking, peat-cutting. Saothair, though, has another meaning; it also describes a naturally occurring tidal causeway, a physical connection between places that waxes and wanes with the tide, a path that disappears and returns cyclically. Collected in this programme were films which consider these definitions and the relationships between them.

Presented as part of ATLAS Arts’ SCREEN-IT programme in partnership with Skye Live 2016.

Photo © Marcus Jack.

Margaret Salmon, Oyster from AV on Vimeo.