DOWSER, notes on artists moving image in Scotland is a series of newly commissioned essays, interview transcripts and archival materials which makes available, for the first time, a collated set of resources from which we might begin to plot a history of artists’ moving image in Scotland. Conceived as the necessary groundwork for a critically underreported field, this series hopes to share fragments, positions and testimonies that articulate the development of a now ubiquitous artform with a vivid and unique history in Scotland.

DOWSER is a non-profit project. Each chapbook is released as an open access online PDF and in a limited print edition. The sale of each print issue is inclusive of a minimum £2.00 donation to the Scottish Refugee Council (Registered Charity: SC008639).

Transit Arts (Online)
Good Press, Glasgow
LUX Moving Image, London
Public House, Birmingham

Glasgow Zine Library
BFI Reuben Library, London
+ deposited with the British Library and five UK legal deposit libraries

ISSN 2634-7083 (Print)
ISSN 2634-7091 (Online)