Portree Community Centre (Skye Live), 29–30 April 2016, 4–6pm, 7–9pm, 10pm–midnight

In partnership with ATLAS, Transit Arts‘ roving screen ventures to Portree, Isle of Skye, and presents a selection of moving image work by Scottish Educational Film Association (SEFA), Nick Hand, Oliver Mezger, Margaret Salmon, Margaret Tait, and Robin Haig. The project is accompanied by a new publication including contributions from Marcus Jack, Finola Scott, Sarah Browne, Sarah Neely, Margaret Salmon, and Margaret Tait.

The Gaelic term SAOTHAIR, can be translated as labour, work, or toil; it describes an exertion closely related to the endeavours of the hand: fishing, shucking, waulking, peat-cutting. Saothair, though, has another meaning; it also describes a naturally occurring tidal causeway, a physical connection between places that waxes and wanes with the tide, a path that disappears and returns cyclically. Collected in this programme are films which consider these definitions and the relationships between them.

Presented as part of ATLAS Arts’ SCREEN-IT programme in partnership with Skye Live 2016.


Scottish Education Film Association (SEFA), Salmon Fishing in Skye, 1938. 16mm transferred to digital, 5 min.
Nick Hand, Scallop Farmers, 2014. HD video, 4 min.
Margaret Salmon, Oyster, 2014. 16mm transferred to digital, 14 min.
Margaret Tait, The Drift Back, 1957. 16mm transferred to digital, 11 min.
Oliver Mezger, Malachi 4.2, 2016. HD video, 1 min.
Robin Haig / Scottish Crofting Federation, Crofting’s New Voices, 2015. HD video, 14 min.